Business Development

Business development has always been challenging, and it looks to be getting more challenging. Consumers are less willing to buy and are harder to reach through the old methods. Moooneh is a business development agency with a mature approach that uses the latest technology and techniques, which secure the best chance of success. We do not define that success as appointments or any other metric except live revenue possibilities.

Due to the expansion of the market and the diversity of businesses in today’s world, both start-ups and traditional businesses need consulting and planning for development in order to move towards the peak of progress in line with the market.

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How It Works

  • Market Research
    Marketing research is the organized effort of qualitative and quantitative data about target markets and customers.
  • Competitive Analysis
    A competitive analysis is the process of identifying the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors so you can create solid business strategies to stay atop of industry trends and standards.
  • Current Client Relations
    Utilising customer data and feedback, businesses develop strong bonds with their customers to gain their trust.
  • Reach out to new clients
    New ways to reach your potential customers through any marketing channel or campaign.
    Ways to think outside the marketing box and reach more customers!
  • Networking Events
    The networking events today is crucial to increases business opportunities and professional success—for attendees and organizers alike.
  • Design new business model / Change the old business model
    A business model describes the rationale of how an organization creates, delivers and captures value.
  • Project Management
    Project management in business development is integrating strategy, structure, processes and projects
  • Business Plan Design
    A good business plan save an average project, and an average business plan can sink even the best of ideas.