Social Media Services

Social networking services help businesses and individuals use social media effectively. Some of the common social media services offered at Monet include:

Social media management

It involves creating, scheduling, posting and monitoring social media content across multiple channels. It also includes interacting with the audience, responding to comments and messages, and building a loyal community.

Advertising on social media

This service includes creating and running paid campaigns on social media platforms to reach a specific target audience, generate leads, increase sales or achieve other goals. It also includes ad optimization, performance tracking and results reporting.

Social Media Strategy

This service involves creating a clear and comprehensive plan for using social media to achieve a specific goal, such as increasing brand awareness, improving customer service, or launching a new product. It also includes conducting research, analysis and audits to identify best practices, platforms and tactics for the client.

Create social media content

It includes creating quality and engaging content for social media such as images, videos, graphics, podcasts, blogs, etc. It also includes ensuring content is consistent, relevant and aligned with the brand voice and customer identity.

Social media training and consulting

These services include providing training, coaching or consulting to customers on how to use social media effectively. It also includes sharing insights, tips, best practices and trends in social media marketing.


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